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  • Full denturesStyles Denture Clinics inc.
    Are required when all the natural teeth are missing from either maxillary (upper) and/or mandibular (lower) jaws.
  • Partial dentures
    Are required when some but not all of the natural teeth are missing from either maxillary (upper) and/or mandibular (lower) jaws.
  • Immediate dentures
    Dentures that are fabricated prior to extraction and inserted immediately after extractions.
  • Repairs
    What constitutes the need for a repair procedure varies from a broken tooth/teeth to a fracture. Some repairs may require other procedures, such as impressions and plaster models, depending on the extent of the damage on the existing denture.
  • Reline
    Is required when dentures feel loose. It is a re-fitting of the denture with a new impression. Relines may be temporary or permanent.
  • Re-base
    The denture base is replaced, but the existing teeth remain. Instead of adding material to the existing denture, as in a reline, the entire denture base is replaced.
  • Re-Set
    A resetting of the denture is done in conjunction with a reline or rebase procedure. A reset is essentially a remake of the existing denture. In certain situations, this may be done in lieu of a making a new denture.
  • Denture identification
    Identification is placed on a patient's denture in case it gets lost or is misplaced. Denture identification is a requirement in some extended care facilities.
  • Clean and polish dentures
    Ultrasonic cleaning and re-polishing dentures makes them feel and look as if they are new.
  • Implant Dentures
    Dentures that are supported by implants. The inside of the dentures require an attachment that provides a mechanical retention over the implants. There are numerous types of implants on the market. The procedure requires the involvement of an oral surgeon/dentist, who places the implants.